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Old 11-09-2005, 07:33 PM
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Hey Lean!! Welcome!

Pegasus Foundation, Recruiting Department

"The Enemy's Gate is Down" - Ender
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Old 12-07-2005, 12:31 PM
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Wrath of Roan

I would like to be considered into the Pegaus-Foundation if you guys are still alive in Ganareth. Here's my bio

Name: Roan Shiho
Race: Undecided yet
Class: Illusionist or Ranger/Tamer
Alignment: (You must be Light) as light as I can be

I started my immersion in MMORPG with Ascheron's Call 1 and found out the aspects of the games i like best are indeed in Role Playing. I despise any non interactive game, FPS or board/online games.

After playing AC1 for about 6 months I moved to SWG as soon as it was launched mastered Rifleman, then Carbineer in Valcyn (before they fixedthe profs) moved to Tempest server since it was the newest server and mastered TKM/MCM (Pre cu). As part of the Tempest community I helped in bringing in diplomatic resolution between the 2 warring factions (roleplay) by forcing my guild Krayt Dragoon to allow members of the opposing faction to use the shuttleport of Mos Krayt. Our city Mos Krayt is situated in the Krayt Graveyard POI which was of interest to all faction since it is where the Krayt Dragons spawn the most and hence the market for Krayt pearls (used for Saber crafting)

I left SWG even before the combat upgrade (1st massive nerfing, 1 1/2 years due to no content added ) and settled on other MMORPG such as Anarchy Online (Rubika-1, level 200 Metaphysics, Council member of Neuron), WOW (Level 60 Rogue), beta tested A Tale in the Desert 1 and lurking the Dnl Forums.

In Dnl i would like to get my hands on crafting with 1 of my 5 alts, I love PvP though i woulnt consider myself an expert PvPer.

I may have some experience in getting groups together to hunt, level or what have not and can lend those experiences with guildmates. I prefer grouping with people of like mindset, funny yet not childish.

I would love to join and contribute in the elimination of the Darkside in Ganareth. My Wrath is the wrath of the Light Gods of Ganareth and the light will prevail over the Dark Forces.

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Old 12-08-2005, 03:33 PM
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You sound good Roan, welcome. I will add you here, please register on our website (we do most business through that site) and look me up in game as soon as you get in.

See you soon,
Leader, Pegasus Foundation - DnL Chapter

Email me with questions

"All that evil needs to thrive is for good people to stand by and do nothing." Let us be sure to act.
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